I have faith .

I do not believe in gravity. I have faith that if I jump from a building I will float up into space and never been seen again.

Because of my faith, and the very definition of the word faith itself, I do not require proof that I am right or wrong I just believe.

“You’re wrong” I suppose you want to shout at me. “Of course gravity exists, you loon.”

I, of course, do not believe you because I have my faith. Every time someone jumps off a building in my sight I close my eyes because I do not need proof either way. For all my years I have got by without needing proof. Whenever anyone tries to tell me otherwise, or asks me pertinent questions such as ‘Why do we stay on the ground then?’ I close my eyes and ears and smile to myself, knowing that if I were to jump I will float up into the sky. Therefore I never jump.

None of this is true. Obviously, I believe in gravity (a belief that came in handy when hurtling towards Grantham at terminal velocity, attached to the crotch of a stranger).

But if I lived my life that way, I never would have gone up in that plane and had one of the most exhilarating experiences imaginable. I wouldn’t have gone up in any plane, for that matter. Nor would I have experienced the soft landing provided by my classmates at school during the trust exercise where you face away and let yourself fall, placing your trust in the unruly 12 year olds. They catch you because they are catching themselves. You cannot have altruism without self-interest.

If you do bad things, you lose part of your humanity. You are your creator and you alone can judge yourself.

‘God’ means many things to many people but, as a universal concept, is a method of control based on fear: not altruism, not self-interest, but fear.

My belief: (in real life)

1. God can not be an exogenous being.

2. Nor is God an aggregate of all people’s spirituality.

3. God is a word not a name.

4. God as a name is irrelevant.

5. God as a word has lost all meaning.

Constantine decided that Jesus was the Son of God, after centuries of deliberation and fighting. Constatine was a man so could not know the inside of a supreme being’s mind either way. That is blasphemous.

Christianity is Blasphemous.


3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. i like the way you think…

    if only more fundamentals expressed their unwavering faith via the gift of flight and jumping off a cliff

    ahhh bliss


    however, I do have to oppose you regarding Constantine…
    if God is a man made construct (which i believe is the case) then saying you know how the inside of his mind isn’t blasphemy, it’s errrr, thinking and talking?

    yours Sincerely

    Devils Advocate

    • Bonjour, Mr. Advocate! I, too, would like to see more splatting of religious nuts!

      Ok, after having thought about blasphemy for a while (and quite possibly having some blasphemous thoughts myself!) I see what you’re saying.

      I meant that those who see God as a supreme being and a ruler (as opposed to a man-made construct) are committing blasphemy by their own definitions, as they say we should all bow down and revere this omniscient dude, while all along being the only ones claiming to know the mind of this being and creating the rules and definitions themselves.

      To the rest of us who believe god is a man-made construct it is not blasphemy, but entering into a discussion (whether relevant and logical or not!) about morality and history (whether missing the point or not). The premise of which can only be a good thing. However, ironically, by entering into a discussion, following that religion and even believing the ‘bible’ they are committing the definitions of blasphemy that they have imposed upon themselves (believing the stories to have come from god = assuming for oneself the rights/qualities of said god?).

      That’s how I see the paradox of Christianity, anyway!

      Long live thinking, talking and, most importantly, rationality :p

  2. hmmm yes… something like that

    to be honest I think Blasphemy is a rediculous concept!

    if god created everything, and similtaniously is everything. the future, the past & now.

    do you really think it could give a flying fuck if someone stubs their toe and goes “Jesus fucking christ!”

    don’t you think God would be… excuse the pun… above that?


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